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Cadet College in Murree

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  • Cadet College Bhurban, Rawat, Murree Hills
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Cadet College in Murree

Leading Provider

In Education Sector


Hostels & Houses

Cadet College Bhurban has three houses; Jinnah House, Z.A Bhutto House and Dr. A.Q Khan House named after the great heroes of the History. Each House has the capacity to accommodate 50 to 60 students. House Master is the in-charge of the House assisted by Assistant House Master who provide supervision, guidance and compassion. Diligence, civil behavior and proper manners become routine in the life of a Cadet, who in uniform, marches smartly with pride and dignity. Both the H.M and AHM either belong to the teaching staff or Non – Commissioned officers (NCO) retired from the armed forces.

Cadet Mess

The College has well furnished Mess for the Cadets. The Messing Officer controls the over all working of the Mess. The Cadets’ health and hygienic aspect are given the top priority. To effect its implementation, it is ensured that Cadets’ are provided with most hygienic and nourishing food. The menu and the quality of the food is regulated and set by committee comprising the Resident Medical Officer, Vice Principal, Senior House Master and Cadets’ representatives.


The College has its own Dispensary headed by a qualified Doctor, generally called Resident Medical Officer (RMO), assisted by his dispenser. The Cadet College Bhurban provides no health insurance coverage for the Cadets. Parents/ guardians must pay for all medical costs and facilities provided to their Cadet by the College as a part of their fee. The College has generally provided limited coverage for sports injuries caused by accidents or minor illness. The College dispensary is well – equipped with FIRST AID and other medicines of emergency nature. However cases requiring specialized treatment are referred to Major Hospitals in the city and the expenses so caused shall be paid by the Parents/ guardians. The College policy does not cover any expenses caused by major sickness or disease. Referring cases to major hospital are subject to the advice of the RMO. In order to avoid any worry and unnecessary botheration, information of only sick Cadets admitted in the Hospital is sent to the parents.

Computer Lab

A well – furnished Computer Lab, equipped with latest computers is established to provide an opportunity to learn and enhance IT skills of students. A trained computer teacher has been deployed specifically for the best supervision and guidance to students.

Science Lab

The College has its own well – equipped Chemistry, Physics and Biology Labs under the supervision of experienced Teachers assisted by Lab In-charges. These facilities enables the Cadets to gain expertise in practical skills


As reading is considered to be the best way of learning and it must be developed among the Cadets in very early age. Therefore, Cadet College Bhurban has provided well-stocked library where students can nurture their reading habits. A good number of books on all the subjects with variety of interests are made available for the Cadets, which is upgraded regularly. The library remains open in the evening for Cadets who refer books for additional studies.

Internet Club

The College has established an Internet Club for the Cadets, which provides e-mail facility to the Cadets. This facility only rests with the member Cadets of the club.


A tuck shop/ canteen is available in the College providing refreshments, necessary daily use items to the students on controlled rates. It also gives them a healthy breathing space during hectic daily routine.

Accident / Mishaps

All possible efforts are taken for the safeguard of all the Cadets during their stay in the College Campus, during Games, PT, Drill and other activities. However, the College shall not be responsible for any kind of accident / mishap causing any physical harm or injury/ disablement to the Cadets.

Pocket Money

A sum of Rs. 700/- and Rs. 500/- Per week per Cadet is recommended to be paid by the Parents to the Cadets of senior Classes (IX – XII) and Junior (VII – VIII) respectively through their respective HOUSE MASTERS / Wardens. Parents are requested not to give money direct to the Cadets.

Visit / Telephone Calls

The parents/ guardians may visit & talk on phone to their sons/ wards only on Saturdays between 1500 hrs to 1700 hrs and from 1000 hrs to 1700 hrs on Sundays. In case of emergency parents may contact Principal/ Vice Principal who will pass the messages accordingly to the Cadets on the working days. The Cadets are not allowed to talk/ see their parents/ guardians on working days (Monday to Friday).

Mobile Phone

Children are NOT allowed to bring mobile phones to College.

College Council

The College Council comprises the Principal (Chairman) and four members of staff (Vice Principal, Administrative Officer, ADJUTANT and Senior House Master). The Council is empowered to take cognizance of any violation of College Rules and Commission of any offence by the Cadet and takes necessary action. The decision of COUNCIL will be considered as FINAL and NON CHALLENGEABLE.